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Hair Services

Lady K Hair Artistry is a professional, fun, and lively hair salon specialising in colour and styling. Enjoy relaxed service in a brand-new colour studio with our vibrant team of hair stylists. And if you’re up for it, un-wind in our therapeutic massage chairs whilst falling asleep to a calming head massage.

Experience a salon that takes pride in providing exceptional personal service and high-quality hairdressing skills to bring your dream look to life. Come and relax in a home away from home.

Hair Colouring

Hair colouring is the ultimate mode of self-expression. Gain total control over your hair colour and boost your self-confidence. Whether you’re looking for a subtle hair tint, colour correction or a full head of bleach blonde highlights, we can help you achieve your desired look.


Interested in a new hair colour? Find out more here.

Note - We do not do colour corrections from other salons. 

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Balayage is one of the latest trends in the hair colouring industry. At Lady K, our hair colour experts specialise in gorgeous, long-lasting balayage hair treatments. Achieve a beautiful, natural look and manage regrowth with very little maintenance.

Find out more about our balayage services here


Hair Styling & Cuts


Getting your hair styled or cut is the perfect way to try out a new look and enhance your hair colour. Leave your hair looking stunning while keeping it as healthy as possible. Cutting and styling is an essential part of any professional hair care routine, even if you wear hair extensions or tie your hair up.

Interested in our ladies’ cuts and styles? Find out more here.

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Hair Treatments

Hair treatments are perfect for strengthening and nourishing your hair, especially if you’re dealing with frizz or dryness. A good superfood or keratin hair treatment means healthy hair, which in turn means soft, sleek, and well-behaved hair.

View our hair treatment options and price list here.

Ready to get your hair done at a professional salon? Book now.

Visiting a professional hair studio gives you peace of mind as your hair is serviced by experts in the industry. Instead of guessing what your hair will look like after a wash and blow dry, you can rest assured that your experienced hairdresser can produce the desired results.

If you’re on the hunt for hair stylists in Bondi Beach, Maroubra Beach, Randwick and surrounds, we have you covered. Visit our Coogee hair salon today.

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